Transactional analysis – a tool for communication

Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis was a tool I learned as a child, thanks to my Mum (Margaret) giving me the book TA for kids (and grown ups too) by Alvyn & Margaret Freed.  This gave me the tools and language to express the feelings that I had.  I loved the book, I still love it…having just got a copy again as an adult.

What does TA give in terms of tools: It allows us, at the simplest level, to work out why we respond to people in different ways…depending on the ego state (Parent, Adult or Child) we are functioning in, and the other person is functioning in.

Beyond this, it has language to help us identify things like our repeated patterns of behaviour and communication – and where they are disfunctional to work on different ways of communicating.

I will probably write more about this in my blog over time, but to illustrate…blogging is an adult ego state where I am reaching out to communicate with your adult ego state.  However, sometimes in these blogs I may express values, which are part of a parent ego state or emotions which are part of the child ego state.

I like TA, as it fits in with my world view as shaped by my convincement as a Quaker.  It is a tool that upholds so many of the Quaker testimonies.


About kiwihelen

A Quaker woman with something to say. I am 40 years old, a Pakeha (white New Zealander) who is an economic migrant living in the UK. I am a registered dietitian, a feminist (although I am very aware of the mysandry of some feminist authors and also support the work of some Mens Rights Activists), a crafter and I play the trombone. I am in a long-distance relationship with a Quaker man who has two beautiful daughters. I have 12 nieces and nephews and a great nephew and niece. I share a house with my best friend J, and we are the staff for two cats Archie & Asbo.
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