Plain Txting for Quakers

This is a bit of a silly blog entry. It comes from posting on the Association of Bad Friends on Facebook.
I use txt messages a fair bit. I seldom plug commercial companies, but as someone who was horrified at how much international txting was costing me, I was delighted to find fishtext as a solution – with texts to my family and friends in NZ costing less than £0.02 each.

This is some txt abreviations dealing with particular Quaker concerns, phrases and situations

  • CQUMB -“Chuckling Quietly Under My Breath”?
  • PFMWHAMS “Please, Friends, May We Have A Moment of Silence?”
  • CTCTF “Could Thee Clarify That, Friend?”
  • ITGTHOOH! “I’m Trying To Get The H*** Out Of Here!”
  • SER “Surreptitious Eye Roll”
  • TIANTWNHOTM “That Is A Name Which Would NOt Have Occurred To Me”
  • LYLS  “Let your life speak”
  • ITCR  “Is the clock right?”
  • YKSPTSTAW “You know she planned to say this all week.” (Referring to people who take the silence as a moment to deliver a sermonette.)
  • TFSMM “That Friend speaks my mind”
  • WDTVWDTBWDTDLS? texting for congregationalists in a Quaker Meeting — why don’t they vote, why don’t they baptize, why don’t they do Lord’s Supper?
  • IIWNQ — If I was not Quaker!
  • WICH? Who’s in charge here? Said by clergy from neighboring church, walking into Meeting in the midst of a crisis.
  • FHTAALOTS? Friend, has thee any additional light on this subject?

Please feel free to contribute your own ideas!


About kiwihelen

A Quaker woman with something to say. I am 40 years old, a Pakeha (white New Zealander) who is an economic migrant living in the UK. I am a registered dietitian, a feminist (although I am very aware of the mysandry of some feminist authors and also support the work of some Mens Rights Activists), a crafter and I play the trombone. I am in a long-distance relationship with a Quaker man who has two beautiful daughters. I have 12 nieces and nephews and a great nephew and niece. I share a house with my best friend J, and we are the staff for two cats Archie & Asbo.
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