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Plain Txting for Quakers

This is a bit of a silly blog entry. It comes from posting on the Association of Bad Friends on Facebook. I use txt messages a fair bit. I seldom plug commercial companies, but as someone who was horrified at … Continue reading

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Is it ministry?

This is something copied from Ben Pink Dandelion’s book “An Introduction to Quakerism” I am aware that some Friends will have problems with the God language in it, but if they can look past the language it gives some very … Continue reading

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Christenings and other celebrations

I was at a christening today for a very handsome wee man (the son of a colleague).  It was in a wonderful old church and was a christening outside the usual church service. I cried through it…in the way most … Continue reading

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What can you say?

Quakers have Truth as one of their testimonies. The title of the post refers to a quote You will say Christ saith this, and the apostles say this, but what canst thou say? Art thou a child of Light and … Continue reading

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Transactional analysis – a tool for communication

Transactional Analysis was a tool I learned as a child, thanks to my Mum (Margaret) giving me the book TA for kids (and grown ups too) by Alvyn & Margaret Freed.  This gave me the tools and language to express … Continue reading

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Cats and being their servant

I mention in the bit about myself that I am a co-servant to two cats along with my best friend J. J was a dog person until he met Archie. Archie (AKA Chi, his royal Chi-ness, fluff ball, oi-you!) was … Continue reading

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What is a Quaker?

If you ask three Quakers what they believe, you will get four answers. This is one of those Quaker jokes. More than an element of truth (with a small t as opposed to Truth with a large T, but more … Continue reading

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