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Being grateful

I am grateful today for two things. Firstly J has his diagnosis. ADHD inattentive subtype so a great big thumbs up to his psychiatrist. Secondly, that although there has been two more large aftershocks in Christchurch NZ my family and … Continue reading

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Which comes first, the evidence based practice or the practice based evidence?

As a health professional, I am expected to undertake evidence based practice. Now this makes sense in many fields.  The Cochrane Collaboration Logo showing the benefit of corticosteroid treatment of women threatening premature labour and its huge benefit towards preventing … Continue reading

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Social Class – a measure of the person?

I found this after a discussion with a Friend, where we realised his dis-ease about something that had happened at Summer Gathering reflected his working class origins compared with the more middle class origins of the vast majority of Friends. … Continue reading

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